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COLOR: Black Merle
DAM: VictoryBullz’ Coco
ABOUT ENOCH :Enoch is the biggest bully, I mean biggest baby at heart. Pushing 130 at a year old and his big head is 25” and growing. Bone anyone? Well he has enough of that for him and any dog lacking. In my opinion he is looking a lot like his grandfather Morpheus in more ways than one. His head shape is beautiful, and huge. He loves to cuddle and chase his best friend around all day who happens to be a cat. His Black Merle Coat is unique and extremely gorgeous. He loves car rides with the kids and his favorite place is the beach where he has shown himself fearless of water. He is the manifestation of what I envisioned for the pairing of his mother and father. To get exactly what I desired from the breeding has made us happier than we can describe. So please understand, he wasn’t for sale as a puppy nor is he for sale now. We do appreciate the generous offers, and have been amazed by the love and attention he receives. 

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