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COLOR: Chocolate
DAM: VictoryBullz’ Coco
WEIGHT: 120 lbs.
ABOUT HERC: Ya snooze ya loose in this world and I thank God that everyone slept on this massive size boy as a puppy. Herc is a great companion dog with all the highly sought qualities that makes a show dog. His insane bone with a huge chest spread makes him stand out in any room. His muscular build with amazing muscle tone that really pops separates him from the rest of the dogs who are just big. At only a year old he is a fit 120lbs and is still growing everyday. He is gentle with a playful personality who gets along with everyone. We are working hard with him to make his debut in the ABKC show ring where we are confident that he will achieve champion status. He has some of the best blood behind him and I’m proud to say he was producer right here at Victory Bullz. Herc is a real “big dog”, no camera tricks just a well built, big head, muscled up bully.

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  1. Giuliano DiNizo

    love your content. I have a female Bully from Devils Den looking for an athletic strong stud with solid temp and good feet. please let me know if you have anything at the moment. I wanna emphasize.
    Because I think with the exception to you. People are breeding the functictonality and athleticism out of this breed . You have done an amazing jobI love Herc

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