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COLOR: Lilac Tri
SIRE: Bossy’s Superbowl
WEIGHT: 115 lbs
STUD FEE: Retired
ABOUT PAC-MAN: Pac-Man aka the GOAT is the OG of our yard and a proven producer. He is off of some of the most famous blood from the biggest kennel in the world, Bossy Kennels, carrying the Adios legacy to the next level. He is very muscular with a big, blocky head. He continues to throw his look, making him one of the best studs in the game. Some dogs look good, and produce mediocre and then there’s the legends that look amazing and produce amazing time and time again. That’s Pac-Man, and thus he has been cemented as a GOAT in the Bully world. He is the son of Bossy Kennels‘ Superbowl, the  grandson of Bossy’s Adios, and great, great son of the icon himself, Showstopping Ace. He’s a proven producer with the most sought after legends in his pedigree. He is the GOAT of his time and his mark is successfully made as those before him.

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